It’s funny when you’re related to your boss(es).

A case of chicken wings weighs 50 lbs.
There are 12 hanger steaks to a case.
Invoicing starts at 4 am.

After working in fashion in NYC, I moved home to work with family. The business has been in my family for two generations.
It was a rule in our family that in order to work in the business, you had to have experience working for someone else for 2+ years.

Meat has absolutely nothing to do with being creative. People often asked me “why?”
The answer always seemed pretty obvious- to work with my family and try something new. Little did I know this 6.5 year experience would be the job that would teach me lessons beyond meat.

My days started at 4 am, and I was one of the last to the warehouse. Early mornings of invoicing individual orders, managing truck schedules, along with overseeing the cutting room-where the real action was at.

It was important to *understand every aspect of the business as possible, so my Dad suggested I spend 3 days a week on the cutting room floor, where I would learn how to trim a bavette steak & operate our cryovac machine. It was the interactions and lessons I learned in the cutting room, the office, and outside with customers that would teach me the lessons I would need for my next adventure : advertising.

So what does meat whoesale have to do with advertising? Loyalty, teamwork, and resilience. The clients are different but at the end of the day I believe the lessons I learned have prepare me for what’s next in life : advertising. I’m incredibly proud of my family and the experiences shared during my time there. 

Ask me more about my experience and a funny thing that happened at a chicken processing plant ︎

*I worked in the accounting department and it lasted two months (I’m a creative!)*

Bonus photo of me & some of the best co-workers I’ve ever had︎︎︎

Apologies to any vegetarians ︎