Given its superior quality and design, we’re often hesitant to loan out Tupperware containers for fear of them not being returned. With Tupperwatch, a call service created to remind friends and family that they’ve been hoarding your Tupperware too long, Tupperware owners can rest easy knowing they’ll eventually get their favorite storage container back.

Brand Act :  TupperWatch

Introducing a new extension of Tupperware’s website & the best way to get your Tupperware home. 

Once you’ve reported container crime, Tupperwatch will notify offenders and remind them to return your container.

TupperWatch goes viral

The star’s are in on it too. Tupperwatch will partner with Food Network stars and post their lost Tupperware containers. They will rely on Tupperwatch & their friends to help them get their Tup home.

A TupperWay Home

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