The NFL has a massive fandom, with some who ride or die for their team, and others who are more invested in the community than the final score. Just like how every player brings something to the team, each fan brings something to the viewing experience.
So Here’s to the Unsung Fans : The NFL’s beloved but underappreciated fanbase.

Out of Home

NFL  X  Bleacher Report Present : THE NATIONAL FAN LEAGUE
The casual fan take on fantasty football. Through an exisitng partnership with Fanduel and collaboration with Bleacher Report, The National Fan League is an online prop betting pool where fans can vote in various polls in categories sans-athletics.

The Huddle : The Superbowl Quarterly Recap
A brief break from sports commentary for “sports” commentary.  Join Andy Cohen, Mindy Kaling, Erin Andrews + The Rock in their Super Bowl viewing suite for five minutes at the end of every quarter. They will comedically recape the game highlights their own way, while chatting pop culture, current affairs, and anything else that comes up. 

Casual Fan Appreciation Merch

Co- AD: Morgan Maclachlan
CW : Lara Navarro
CW: Lucie Desvallees
ST: Shaunda Lambert

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